"(in)Visible publicity of women.
History and modernity"

has been held in Rivne since 2021

About school

The competition commission selects 20 participants from different regions of Ukraine to participate in the school. The organizers refund the fare and provide accommodation and meals for the participants during the summer school, and provide educational materials for free.

Participants in the summer school can be: media representatives, university students, graduate students, young scientists, teachers of history and other social sciences and humanities, employees of museums and archives, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Lectures and trainings are held by invited Ukrainian experts in the field of women's history, sensitive urban planning, memory policy, cities inclusion, as well as representatives of the "Mnemonics" Center for Memory Policy.

Excursions to historical and cultural heritage sites, museum institutions and memorial complexes, as well as presentations of "Mnemonics" products are held as part of the summer school.

The concept of the school was developed by historian Tetiana Vodotyka.

Topics of lectures and trainings

Gender history and gender studies
Gender and female images in cinema
Gender-sensitive urban planning
Visibility of women in public space
Traditional gender roles and their transformations / deformations in the space of professional realization
Economic dimension of gender (in)equalities
Tetiana Vodotyka
author of the school concept, historian, researcher of business history and urban history
Yana Prymachenko
historian, researcher of art history and memory politics
Nataliia Ivchyk
historian, researcher of Holocaust history and women's studies
Svitlana Shlipchenko
researcher of architecture
Olena Pinchuk
city councilor, activist of inclusive culture of the city
Nataliya Lushnikova
architect, activist of universal design
Olena Braichenko
historian, researcher of gastronomic culture in Ukraine