First educational seminar “Culture of Remembrance”

On March 11, 2020, members of NGO “Mnemonics” held an educational seminar “Memory culture”. The seminar was attended by teachers of social and humanitarian disciplines, who are having advanced training at Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Education.

The seminar was dedicated to the promotion of the best practices of historical memory culture in EU countries and their impact on the formation of values of tolerance and reconciliation.

During the seminar, the participants took part in the following classes:
– Maxim Gon. Lecture " Palimpsests of memory: from Lenin Square to Independence Square". The lecture was dedicated to the evolution of Rivne memorial space from Soviet times to the present.
– Nataliia Ivchyk. Training "Photography as a memory transmitter". During the training, the participants learned about the technique of analyzing historical photographs. Using the proposed criteria, they learned about what old pictures of Rivne tell. The focus was on photographs reflecting the city's multicultural past.
– Petro Dolhanov. Lecture “Symbolic space and collective memory”.

Training "Constructing memorial spaces". During the lecture and training, the participants gained theoretical and practical experience of how to advocate for changes to the memorial space of their cities and towns. In particular, they learned about the rules and possibilities for the installation of new commemorative memorial signs on the public initiative.
We are grateful to the leadership of Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Education for their help in organizing the seminar.

Background: the seminar was held within the framework of the project "Shared memory", which is implemented by NGO "Mnemonics” with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Ukraine.