Presentation of the book "To Buy from Own People"

On February 13, there was the presentation of the book "To Buy from Own People". Social and economic dimension of national strategies of Ukrainians in the interwar Poland". The book focuses on Ukrainian economic nationalism, a movement to transform the peasant nation into an urbanized and economically developed community.

This movement unfolded on the territory of Western Ukrainian lands that were part of Poland during the interwar period. One of the main motives that pushed Ukrainian intellectuals to form and try to realize the idea of economic nationalism was the defeat of the national-democratic revolution of 1917–1920. It was during these events that there appeared the awareness that the predominantly peasant community lacked economic resources and pragmatic potential of the business community in building its own statehood.

Among the issues that raised the debate were: whether we can consider the status of Ukrainians in the interwar Poland from the perspective of colonialism; how successful the economic movement of the Ukrainians was in the practical plane; how we can evaluate past events from the perspective of the present.

We thank all participants of the presentation for their participation and interesting questions.