Teacher training seminar “Places to remember: regional and national symbols of the past”

On September 26, we hosted the 4th annual educational workshop for History teachers “Places to remember: regional and national symbols of the past”.

During the seminar, Director of NGO “Mnemonics” Maksym Gon introduced history teachers to basic memory policy models and demonstrated non-standard approaches to conceptualizing monuments.
Later, member of NGO “Mnemonics” Petro Dolhanov introduced the attendees to another form of non-standard memorialization – stumbling stones. He also spoke about the victims to whom NGO “Mnemonics” installed memorial signs in Rivne this year.

Nataliia Ivchyk, a member of NGO “Mnemonics”, introduced the participants of the training to the virtual map "Multicultural Rivne" created by our organization in the framework of the last year's projects. She also conducted “Reading a monument” training for history teachers, during which history teachers prepared their own analysis of Rivne monuments according to the proposed criteria.
The seminar ended with viewing and discussion of documentaries “The executed town” and “The man with the face” made by NGO “Mnemonics”.

The seminar was held by NGO “Mnemonics” within the framework of the project “Palimpsests of memory” with the support of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Ukraine from the costs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.