Presentation of the documentary animation “Doomed: the history of Rivne ghetto”

The presentation of the documentary animation “Doomed: the history of Rivne ghetto” took place in the conference hall of the Optima hotel (9 Slovatskoho Street) on March 5, 2019, at 16:30.

The animation reproduces the eight-month story of suffering of more than 5,000 Rivne Jews imprisoned in the ghetto during World War II (1941-1942).
After the mass killing of Rivne Jews in Sosonky forest (November 6-7, 1941, the Nazis killed about 17,500 Jews), a ghetto was created in Rivne in December 1941. About 5,000 Jews who received working certificates were replaced there. The occupation regime gave them the difficult time of 8 months of hard labor for the Reich.

Being in a small area in the area of the train station, these Jews were constantly suffering from malnutrition and hard work. The price for avoiding murder in Sosonky turned out to be extremely high. However, they did not manage to escape death. On July 13, 1942, the Nazi authorities carried out an action to eliminate Rivne ghetto. More than 5,000 of its inhabitants were taken to the town Kostopil and shot.

Film “Doomed”, with its combination of documentary information and animation, reconstructs the story of suffering of those Rivne Jews who survived the Sosonky tragedy. Maksym Gon, director of NGO “Mnemonics”, said: “This movie is an obituary. The movie is about those who were replaced in the ghetto and died just because they were Jewish. We hope this movie will eliminate the lacuna in the collective memory of Rivne residents.

The film is intended to revive the memory of Rivne ghetto, in the territory of which there are no memorial signs today. Its liquidation put an end to the Jewish page of the history of Rivne.

The film is for those who are interested in the history of Rivne, as well as for schoolchildren and students who study the history of their native land and the history of Ukraine during the Second World War.