Opening of the monument to the victims of Rivne ghetto

A symbolic event took place yesterday: 78 years after the creation of Rivne ghetto, a monument to its victims appeared. Built from the bricks of the interwar period, the fragment of the wall will now be a symbol of the ghetto destroyed in July 1942. This wall literally and symbolically remembers the tragic events of suffering of Rivne ghetto victims.

We express our gratitude for the support of the initiative to the representative of the Jewish community of Düsseldorf Matthias Richter, mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko, secretary of the city council Serhii Paladiichuk, deputy of the mayor of Rivne Halyna Kulchynska, head of the department of culture Taras Maksymenko, representatives of the Jewish Cultural Society, and Jewish religious community of Rivne.

The event was made possible within Erinnerung lernen/Learning to Remember project, which is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Enhancement Program in 2019.